Carl Bernstein's Desperate Attempt To Stay Relevant (VIDEO)

I think (at least I hope) investigative journalists look to Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein’s work on the Watergate story as a standard in doing hard work to find the truth when reporting. Their story told in ‘All The President’s Men,’ is one my favorite movies of all time. At a certain point, however, one has to let go of the past and move on.

Bob Woodward is still doing investigative journalism. His story on the Pentagon burying a report highlighting $125 billion in wasteful spending is a perfect example.

Carl Bernstein, on the other hand, seems content to use the fame given to him because of Watergate, as his means of remaining relevant. During an appearance on Reliable Sources, Sunday, Bernstein weighed in on Donald Trump and immediately went to the Nixon comparison.

Of course, Carl ultimately leaves Bill Clinton out of the conversation. Clinton finds it difficult to speak without lying.

Carl spends his time now, insisting:

  1. No scandal involving Democrats is EVER worse than Watergate
  2. Every Republican President is WORSE than Nixon.

You’ve been in the business since you’re 16, Carl. Go do some reporting again.

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