Donald Trump's Executive Producer Credit Is No Big Deal So Stop Freaking Out About It

People who have been given executive producer credits for television or movies are laughing right now as they watch people collectively go nuts. The reason? President-elect Donald Trump will get an executive producer credit on ‘The Apprentice’ while he serves as President of the United States. Nobody cared one bit when Hillary Clinton was raking in royalties from her book sales when she was a Senator.


This is no big deal and the freak out over it is absurd.

People are under the mistaken assumption that Donald Trump is not going to be focusing on his duties as President if he’s too busy executive producing ‘The Apprentice.’ If anything, all it does is reveal how little people know about the role of an executive producer.

Will Trump stand to make money from the show? Of course. So what? Nobody cared one bit when Hillary Clinton was raking in cash, getting paid nearly $3 million her first year as a Senator in 2001. It was an installment against the $8 million advance she received for her memoir, ‘Living History.’

That said, Trump may appear on the show from time to time and again, so what? If President Obama can be interviewed by a woman famous eating cereal and drinking milk from a bathtub and do videos for Buzzfeed, snapping selfies and making faces in the mirror, who cares if Trump appears on the show from time to time?

The title of an executive producer could mean any number of things. Sometimes it is denoted to mean somebody who provides financial backing for a television or movie production but is not involved in the day to day work (you see this often in Go Fund Me campaigns used to make movies. Donate a certain dollar amount, and you get an executive producer credit). It is also used as an homage to people who have a historical tie to the show. This is most likely the reason Mark Burnett is giving Trump his credit as an EP.


It is also used as a way of crediting a friend or business partner with helping to get a production off the ground. When Matt Damon and Ben Affleck wrote ‘Good Will Hunting,’ Affleck approached his friend and director Kevin Smith to direct the film. Smith declined, telling Affleck he only directed movies he wrote, but did bring the script to Miramax head, Harvey Weinstein and told him to read it. That paved the way for the film to be made. Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier, the heads of the production company, View Askew Productions were both credited as co-executive producers in the credits despite having zero to do with the actual making of the movie.

This is a big fat nothing burger. I expect people on the left to be having a spittle-fleck rage attack about it but some of my friends on the right are being ridiculous.



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