Trump Transition Sought Security Clearance For Flynn Jr.

Can anybody on the Trump team explain what Mike Flynn Jr’s role is in the transition? He’s been chief of staff for his father, General Flynn at their consulting company. This morning, Mike Pence said Flynn Jr. had no role in the transition at all. According to Jake Tapper, they said Flynn Jr. was just doing some administrative work.

So then why did they try to get him security clearance?

However, a government source tells CNN that the Trump transition team had requested a security clearance for the younger Flynn.

When asked about the request for clearance on CNN’s “The Lead,” Vice President-elect Mike Pence wouldn’t answer Jake Tapper’s repeated questions about whether he knew the transition team sought security clearance for Flynn Jr. Instead, Pence repeated that the younger Flynn was merely helping his father with scheduling and administrative matters.

“All of our families want to be helpful, and four weeks to the day from Election Day, we’ve got a lot of work to do. But Mike Flynn Jr. is no longer associated with Gen. Flynn’s efforts or the transition team, and we’re focused eyes forward,” Pence said.

For months, the younger Flynn has spread deranged conspiracy theories, including one making the unfounded and nonsensical accusation that a pizzeria in Washington is a secret home of a Satanic pedophilia cult. On Sunday, that wild lie almost had tragic consequences, with a North Carolina man entering the restaurant armed with guns.

This is interesting:

Trump transition team officials would not elaborate as to why the younger Flynn was no longer doing work for them, or the circumstances under which he left. A source familiar with the situation said Flynn Jr. was asked to leave, with Trump giving the direct order for the move.

The question is, “Who pushed Trump to make that decision?” If I had to guess, the direction came from Mike Pence and Reince Priebus. Just a cursory review of his Twitter timeline shows he can’t stop tweeting about #PizzaGate and RT’ing conspiracy loon and alt-right figure, Mike Cernovich.

Of course, his Twitter feed today is entirely dark. It’s likely somebody told him to shut it for awhile.

The Trump team still needs to answer what Junior’s role is exactly that it required a security clearance.

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