Election Recounts Continue To Prove To Be A Complete Waste of Time; Michigan Recount Continues

I have nothing against election recounts. Elections decided by hundreds of votes in which many were cast, require it at times. However, when elections are won by tens of thousands of votes, the chances a recount will change anything is slim to none.

The fiasco currently going on in Wisconsin is making Hillary Clinton look like a fool. Jill Stein is a lunatic so her ripping off donors for a recount doesn’t surprise me. But Hillary Clinton should know better. Chances are, she signed on to this thing at the behest of some of her idiot campaign people who convinced her there was a chance.

Here’s the latest


The recount began Thursday and continued over the weekend, with little change so far in the unofficial results as reported on election night. Six counties had completed their work by Monday morning, with the margin between Trump and Clinton unchanged. Both candidates lost 20 votes.


A federal judge in Detroit ordered a statewide hand recount of roughly 4.8 million ballots that started in two of the state’s 83 counties on Monday. Six more started recounting Tuesday, including the largest, Wayne. Republicans appealed that ruling Monday.

A spokesman for Republican Secretary of State Ruth Johnson said it’s possible not all votes will be recounted in Wayne because of improper seals on ballot boxes and other issues. In such cases, the original vote would stand. Democrat Hillary Clinton won 67 percent of Wayne County’s vote.

It turns out the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals has upheld the federal judge’s ruling:


The Green Party filed a federal lawsuit on Monday seeking a statewide recount – a move that came after the party on Saturday dropped a case set to be argued Monday in state courts.

An updated count Monday by state election officials showed Trump’s lead shrinking to 47,750 over Clinton, out of 6 million votes cast, as more counties finished counting overseas ballots and settled provisional ballot challenges. That is still shy of Pennsylvania’s 0.5 percent trigger for an automatic statewide recount. Final counts are outstanding in some counties, but there are not enough uncounted votes to change the outcome, officials say.

I guess they’re hoping to get a sympathetic federal judge like they did in Michigan.


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