Obama Sent Out A Pathetic Tweet About Terrorist Attacks During His Presidency

Presidents like to take credit for as much as they can – when the news is good. When it’s bad, they tend to blame somebody else. Barack Obama has spent the last eight years blaming George W. Bush for every problem he has. Today, the White House sent out the following tweet which was a statement made by President Obama:


The level of lawyer-like speak in this tweet reaches epidemic proportions. Only President Obama would have the audacity to say such a thing. Technically, neither Al Qaeda nor ISIS have successfully centrally planned and carried out attacks.

But the President knows this tweet could say, “Over last eight years, there have been plenty of attacks on our homeland inspired by foreign terrorist organizations.

Fort Hood shooting – 13 people dead, 30 injured

Boston Marathon bombing – 3 people dead, 264 injured

Chattanooga shooting – 5 dead including 4 Marines and one Navy Sailor, 2 injured

San Bernardino attack – 14 dead, 22 injured (the bombs did not go off, thankfully)

Orlando Pulse shooting – 49 dead, 53 people wounded


New York and New Jersey bombings – Thankfully nobody was killed or injured

Ohio State – 11 injured with a car ramming and mass stabbing 

All of these attacks were carried out by people inspired by radical Islam and specifically the Taliban, Al Qaeda and ISIS. Maybe the President’s supporters are stupid enough to believe his drivel about terrorist attacks

But then again, what should we expect from somebody who wanted the Fort Hood shooting designated as “workplace violence?”





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