BREAKING: Joe Biden Says He's Running For President In 2020. Or Is He?

I'm Going To Borrow That Slogan From YOU

That rapscallion Joe Biden is at it again. Donald Trump hasn’t even been sworn in, and Joe Biden is indicating he may run for President in 2020:

Vice President Biden on Monday raised the possibility of a presidential bid in 2020.

“I am going to run in 2020,” Biden told a group of reporters in the Capitol when asked about his political future. “What the hell man, anyway.”


But as is always the case with Biden, it’s hard to tell if he’s kidding or not:

Asked if he was kidding about running, the 74-year-old paused for four seconds before saying he is “not committing not to run.”
“I am not committed to anything,” he added. “I learned a long time ago, fate has a strange way of intervening.”
It would be surprising if Biden decided to continue his decades-long political career, which many assumed would end once President Obama and he leave the White House next month.
It would be surprising. Biden will be 78 years old to start. Second, what money will he have raised? Biden didn’t run this year, so leftover campaign funds are non-existent. He’d have to start building an infrastructure now.
His age is the biggest issue. The Democrats just lost with a nearly 70-year-old candidate. The Democratic leadership is made up of people in their 70’s. Come 2019; there will be some younger candidates lining up to run. Ones who will have been fundraising between 2017-2019.


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