Ann Coulter and Mickey Kaus Losing It Over Trump and He Hasn't Been Inaugurated

I’ve warned over and over again about politicians and how they will always disappoint you. Of course, people attempted to argue Donald Trump is different! “He’s not a politician! He tells it like it is and he means what he says!”


Now that Trump is going to be “the man,” the realities of office are setting in. Trump is a pragmatist in many ways, and this has his loyal defenders in a tizzy. For example, Mike Pence said the following:

I think what the American people know they have in President-elect Donald Trump is someone who speaks straight from his mind and straight from his heart. And on the issue of illegal immigration, I promise you, as we were meeting yesterday on Capitol Hill with leaders of the House and Senate, we’re going to go straight to work after this Congress convenes and this administration takes office.

This had Mickey Kaus’s radar going. He hears “Capitol Hill” and “leaders of the House and Senate” and all his mind formulates is, “Paul Ryan.”

To the hardcore immigration people, Paul Ryan is a RINO LIBERAL GLOBALIST. 

Kaus said the following:


This caught the eye of Ann Coulter, she of the “I don’t care if Trump wants to perform abortions in White House after this immigration policy paper” outlook on Trump said in reply:

Trump is still two months away from taking office, and she’s already having a fit. Social media is going to be ablaze with charges of, “Betrayal!” as Pence dares to talk immigration with Paul Ryan.

Ryan is only the Speaker of the House and controls the legislative agenda in the House. What is Pence supposed to do? Ignore, Ryan?

Either way, it’s fun to watch this play out.



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