ABC's Tom Llamas Chokes Up Talking About Sending Kool-Aid Packets To Relatives In Cuba

Imagine having to send medicine and things like Kool-Aid packets to relatives in another country as it’s the only thing that can be done to get them some nourishment? That’s what ABC News reporter Tom Llamas discussed when he could no longer contain himself and got choked up, thinking about it.


Llamas’s parents fled Cuba, and he made clear how blessed he was to be born in the United States. He was asked to discuss it during an appearance on Good Morning America (he comments on the stuffing of greeting cards with medicine and Kool-Aid packets at the 2:29 mark):

Idiots such as Justin Trudeau, Jesse Jackson, and Colin Kaepernick should be forced to watch this and gain some actual understanding of the kind of person Fidel Castro was.




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