On CNN, Marco Rubio Blasts Obama's 'Pathetic' Reaction to Castro Death (VIDEO)

I can’t understand this love affair the left has with Fidel Castro. He was not a “revolutionary.” He was not a “freedom fighter.” He was a tyrant and a thug. Nothing more. Take the time to read this story in City Journal from 2014. It details how Castro ruined a once thriving country.

Yesterday, Susan covered Rubio tweeting that President Obama’s statement on Fidel Castro was “pathetic” as it did not highlight the fact Castro was indeed a tyrant, responsible for the deaths of thousands and jailing people for decades for political reasons.

Senator Rubio was on CNN this morning with Dana Bash when she asked him about President Obama’s statement. Watch as she tries to trap Rubio by pointing out Pope Francis offered condolences to the Castro family. Rubio handles it deftly:

Notice how bash puts Pope Francis in with “other world leaders.” As Rubio said, there is a big difference between politics and faith. Dana Bash’s attempt to equate Pope Francis with President Obama is pretty pathetic and thankfully, Rubio didn’t fall for her trap.

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