Sopranos Actor and Musician Steven Van Zandt Defends Pence, Calls Out Hamilton Cast And Director

As a person that appreciates the arts in all forms (even some country music), I am not one that subscribes to the theory of, “Shut up and ________ ” as some people are. Artists, most of whom are left of center, are free (literally and figuratively) to opine on current events and politics. That they’re famous gives them a bigger microphone is just something people have to accept.


While many were cheering the ‘Hamilton’ cast for lecturing Mike Pence from the stage, actor and musician Steven Van Zandt was being the contrarian and calling them out for it. Van Zandt is not one of the rare conservatives in the entertainment industry. Far from it. Van Zandt is a proud liberal going back to his days in the 80 were when he was speaking out against apartheid in South Africa.

What Van Zandt had to say was pretty remarkable. Take a look:

Van Zandt got a ton of criticism for what he did, but he never wavered. He responded to critics at times with reason and other times with valid dismissal and mockery.

It was refreshing to see this. He’s 100% right. Think about it for a moment. Would you invite people to your home as guests and then berate them over something?


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