Final Media Electoral College Maps

Tomorrow is the day. Finally. It will finally all be over. Can anybody even remember back to the spring of 2015 when this all started? Be sure to check Neil’s take on the electoral college. As we close out this election season, it will be interesting to see what the media outlets are saying about who will win the election.

Below are the predictions for several outlets for what the electoral college will look like when all the states are called tomorrow night (click on any for the full size)

FiveThirtyEight – Their map is not a “prediction” as it is what they get when crunch all of the state polls. As you can see, even if Trump wins Iowa, Nevada, Ohio, North Carolina, and Florida, he still loses handily.


CNN – There latest map doesn’t have either Clinton or Trump crossing the 270 threshold needed to claim victory but as it shows she only need to win any one of the following to win – Nevada, Arizona, Florida, North Carolina or New Hampshire.  One of the biggest problems Donald Trump faced was his path to 270, and this shows how narrow it is.



LA Times – When considering the LA Times tracking poll shows Donald Trump up by five points, it tells you some at the paper don’t believe it when they say Hillary will win 352 electoral votes. At first glance, such a prediction is insane but some of these races are so close, it could go that way.


Politics USA – They have it pretty much mirroring the 2012 election results. Again, based on this, even if they are wrong about Florida and North Carolina, it won’t be enough for Trump to win.



ABC News – Their map is not complete with three states still showing as toss-ups, but it doesn’t matter. Donald Trump could win what’s left on ABC’s map, and she would still win.



Larry Sabato – Sabato is good, and his prediction is a Clinton landslide like the LA Times. 347 electoral votes. Like the LA Times, he has Ohio going to Clinton and not Trump.


There you have it. The consistent aspect across all of them is, Hillary Clinton is going to win.


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