Wow. FBI Looking At Fake Documents Targeting Clinton Campaign

This story is pretty remarkable. Whether you support Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, it should disturb anybody that Russia is doing what it can to sway an election in the United States. Of course, it doesn’t help that Donald Trump speaks so highly of Vladimir Putin who in turn has Trump’s more ignorant supporters praising Putin as well.


Mucking around in our election is inexcusable, and now it appears as though fake documents are circulating, being used to discredit the Hillary Clinton campaign:

The FBI and U.S. intelligence agencies are examining faked documents aimed at discrediting the Hillary Clinton campaign as part of a broader investigation into what U.S. officials believe has been an attempt by Russia to disrupt the presidential election, people with knowledge of the matter said.

U.S. Senator Tom Carper, a Democrat on the Senate Homeland Security Committee, has referred one of the documents to the FBI for investigation on the grounds that his name and stationery were forged to appear authentic, some of the sources who had knowledge of that discussion said.

In the letter identified as fake, Carper is quoted as writing to Clinton, “We will not let you lose this election,” a person who saw the document told Reuters.

The fake Carper letter, which was described to Reuters, is one of several documents presented to the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the U.S. Department of Justice for review in recent weeks, the sources said.

A spokeswoman for Carper declined to comment.

As part of an investigation into suspected Russian hacking, FBI investigators have also asked Democratic Party officials to provide copies of other suspected faked documents that have been circulating along with emails and other legitimate documents taken in the hack, people involved in those conversations said.


The Clinton campaign is easy enough to discredit without help from Putin and his thugs.

That is not all:

In addition to the Carper letter, the FBI has also reviewed a seven-page electronic document that carries the logos of Democratic pollster Joel Benenson’s firm, the Benenson Strategy Group, and the Clinton Foundation, a person with knowledge of the matter said.

The document, identified as a fake by the Clinton campaign, claims poll ratings had plunged for Clinton and called for “severe strategy changes for November” that could include “staged civil unrest” and “radiological attack” with dirty bombs to disrupt the vote.

Like the Carper letter, it was not immediately clear where the fraudulent document had originated or how it had begun to circulate.

For anybody that cheers this because it is Hillary Clinton, just remember this can happen to Republicans as well. In 2020, GOP voters could nominate a candidate who can win. What’s to say the Russians don’t engage in the same nonsense?




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