Claire McCaskill Says There Was A 'Legitimate Question' Whether Hillary Broke The Law

Claire McCaskill in between bellowing about James Comey’s timing of his statement acknowledged there is a legitimate reason for the FBI to be looking into whether or not Hillary Clinton broke the law.


Democrats wouldn’t have to be in such a freak out if they didn’t nominate such a weak candidate.

But they did, and so the vitriol being directed at Jim Comey is just plain silly. If this costs Hillary the election, it speaks far more to the fact that she is a horrid candidate and not anything Comey said or did. The idea his move is political is laughable on its face. If he wanted to do the politically expedient thing, he’d recommend she criminally charged for her conduct.

Still, McCaskill says the FBI’s inquiry is entirely legitimate:

Hillary meanwhile, is taunting the FBI saying, “There is no case.”

There is the possibility Hillary escapes legal troubles, but there is no guarantee the same can be said for Huma Weiner. We’ll just have to wait it out and see what happens.



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