Admit It, Democrats, You Really Blew it This Year

Admit It, Democrats, You Really Blew it This Year
Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton speaks at a campaign event, Saturday, April 2, 2016, in Eau Claire, Wis. (AP Photo/Mary Altaffer)

With the election one week away, the likelihood of Hillary Clinton becoming President is still greater than that of her losing. Still, watching the histrionics she, her campaign and fellow Democrats displayed over the weekend about James Comey was pretty revealing.

As we, like others, have written about at length, Hillary faced her own dream opposition candidate in Trump. He has no experience, is prone to erratic behavior, has an opposition file a mile thick, has difficulty articulating his policies, and is one of the least liked candidates in presidential history.

Yet here she is, seven days out from the election and instead of leading by a comfortable margin, Clinton has to fight all the way to the finish line. Less than two weeks ago, Clinton led Trump in the RCP average by nearly eight points. People on her team were already talking about the transition. Her average polling lead is now three points, and that average doesn’t include polls taken after the Comey announcement.

Every day Republicans deal with lectures and hectoring on choosing our terrible candidate, but it’s past time for Democrats to admit they did the same. Democrats are thanking their lucky stars Hillary is not facing a candidate like Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz or Carly Fiorina.

The Democratic party could have had a more robust debate over who should be their nominee. Barack Obama wasn’t far into his second term when the Hillary coronation started. One can’t help but think what kind of position Democrats would be in now if Joe Biden was the Democratic nominee. Biden may be a buffoon, but he’s a likable buffoon and in today’s world of politics that goes a long way.

Even assuming Hillary wins, there will still be issues. The email scandal is not going to be resolved by next week, and even if the weight falls on Huma, it will still be a drag on Clinton. If the investigation stretches out, the country could be faced with the possibility of a new President taking the oath of office under a cloud of an FBI investigation. This is just what we know so far. There’s still the investigation into the Clinton Foundation that’s ongoing despite the efforts of the justice department to clamp down on the FBI’s efforts

It doesn’t necessarily mean anything comes of either of these investigations, but this is par for the course with Bill and Hillary Clinton. The Democrats have put their chips in with a candidate who may face a multitude of investigations during her time as President. Those weaknesses are evident already as she has to fight to the death against Donald Trump, the easiest possible opposition to face.

Should Hillary Clinton win, even with a respectable margin, she’ll need the Senate to be in Democratic hands to get anything done. That is not guaranteed. If Hillary Clinton is inaugurated while under an FBI investigation, and with a GOP majority in Congress, Democrats will find it difficult to advance their agenda.

At this point, it should be Democrats concerned for the candidate they’ve chosen. Even as a winner, she’s still a loser.

You may look down on the GOP for choosing Trump, but the truth is you Democrats really blew it this year, too. Admit it. You’ll feel better.

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