Four Things to Watch for From Donald Trump at Tonight’s #Debate

It is the final presidential debate of the election season tonight in Las Vegas, Nevada. And while we’re all celebrating the fact we don’t have to watch these anymore after tonight, this last debate is likely going to be one hot mess.

Keeping that in mind, here are four things to watch for from Donald Trump during tonight’s debate:

One: Watch for Trump to go nuclear

Why would Donald Trump invite President Obama’s, Malik to the debate along with Patricia Smith, the mother of Sean Smith who was killed during the Benghazi attacks? There is no doubt Trump will work Benghazi into the debate, even if Chris Wallace doesn’t bring it up. The problem I see with this strategy, is it will surely fire up Donald Trump’s base but it won’t do much to convince other voters to either change their support or pull them down from the fence.

Two: Watch to see if Hillary Clinton can bait Donald Trump

Donald Trump’s willingness to scrap is both a strength and weakness. Trump can be attacked on almost any political issue, and he can brush it off, quickly. It doesn’t matter what it is. Trump has no problem with either casually denying the accusation or turning it on his opponent. However, when Trump is hit on issues that are a person or related to one of his own business ventures, he cannot help but lash out at anybody who accuses him of any wrongdoing. Hillary knows how to do this. Maybe Trump can avoid that trap.

Three: Watch to see how Trump reacts to debate moderator, Chris Wallace

Trump is on an anti-media tirade. The Fox News channel has largely been Trump’s go-to safe space when he wants a soft interview. This applies in particular when he appears on Fox and Friends and Sean Hannity’s show. Chris Wallace is a stickler for the rules. Hillary Clinton has a tendency to talk past moderators attempting to shut her down and Trump appeals the moderators successfully at times to respond to Clinton. It will be interesting to see if Trump mixes it up with Wallace.

Four: No matter what happens, Donald Trump will claim victory. 

When has Donald Trump ever conceded he lost a debate? The actual rigged polls – the online polls like the Drudge Poll, will no doubt show Trump to be the winner, 99.898% for him to -67.438% for Hillary. Despite a strong opening in the first debate, Hillary mopped the floor with his hair the rest of the way. In the second debate, Trump “won” because it was a format more suited to his style.

For those who think Trump might try to go easy, forget it. Kellyanne Conway is no longer running this campaign. Steve Bannon is. Bannon has already warned, bringing Malik Obama to the debate is merely an “appetizer” for what’s to come. All that means is it will get uglier.

Make sure you check RedState for updates during and after the debate as well the winners and losers post as well as a 5 takeaways post you’ll find in the Morning Briefing tomorrow.

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