BREAKING: DSCC Pulls Money From Florida Senate Race After Rubio Debate Beatdown of Murphy

If anybody had any doubt over who the Florida Senate debate last night, they shouldn’t now.

While I do have a partisan point of view, the debate wasn’t close. Marco Rubio was on the attack the entire time while Patrick Murphy flailed about, doing nothing more than whine about Donald Trump and using the lame attack that Rubio is “never there” in the Senate. Rubio countered that Muphy hyped his resume (he has) and has no accomplishments to speak of (he doesn’t).

People writing the checks took notice and cut Murphy off:

Senate Democrats pulled their last chunk of remaining ad reservations in Florida on Monday night, leaving Rep. Patrick Murphy on his own in his race against Sen. Marco Rubio.

The decision to slash the final remaining week of reservations in Florida by the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee came before Monday night’s debate between Murphy (D) and Rubio (R), according to a source familiar with party strategy. The party’s campaign arm initially reserved $10 million in ads there, but that came before Rubio’s reversal on his plans to retire. Senate Majority PAC also pulled $6 million in remaining ads this month after spending about $3 million on the race.

This bodes well for Senate Republicans attempting to keep their slim majority:

Rubio has a slight cash advantage going as of mid-August, $4.6 million to Murphy’s $4 million. But the GOP’s Senate Leadership Fund could tip the ad balance Rubio’s way; the group is in the midst of $10.8 million fall campaign.

Democrats’ decision to cut bait in Florida is reflection of the belief at the DSCC and in the leadership offices that races in North Carolina and Missouri are more winnable. Strategists reason that they may be able to knock off both Sen. Richard Burr of North Carolina and Roy Blunt of Missouri for the same cost as taking on Rubio, who is seen a stronger candidate.

We’ll see how this plays out.


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