Donald Trump Has A Twisted View of What Loyalty Means

Donald Trump is in trouble. While Sunday night’s debate rescued him from an early death, his campaign still has a defibrillator standing by just waiting for things to get really bad. It’s clear that Kellyanne Conway’s advice is being ignored by Trump while Steve Bannon likely has his attention.

Trump is locking down his own base with the attacks on Bill Clinton but it’s not going to increase his appeal beyond what we’ve already seen. Of course, Trump is taking it all to the extreme. Sara noted earlier he’s taking on “the establishment” by tweeting out garbage like this:

Of course he’s happy now, not to have the Kellyanne shackles on:

For those of you who enjoy watching full blown train wrecks, this is going to get really good.

He then goes on to spout some more drivel about “loyalty.”

What in the world would this stooge know about loyalty, especially as it relates to the Republican Party? The progressive real estate billionaire who donated money to Hillary Clinton and who invited Bill and Hillary Clinton — two people he supposedly finds repugnant now — to his wedding, is pointing fingers at lifelong Republican, Paul Ryan, as disloyal?

Are you kidding?

Trump says Ryan is a weak and ineffectual leader. The same Paul Ryan who won his primary race over that nitwit Paul Nehlan by like seventy points. The same Paul Ryan that will likely win re-election in a district that voted for Obama in 2012, while Trump goes down in defeat to a candidate just as bad as John Kerry and Michael Dukakis.

The smart route for Trump is to take the debate victory (no matter how tepid) he got on Sunday, regroup and then go back out and make the election about change. Such a strategy is the only prayer he has of winning this election. What does he do instead? He goes the imbecilic route, attacking fellow Republicans. His dunderhead of a national spokesperson, Katrina Pierson, was actively encouraging supporters via social media to vote for Trump, but ignore down ballot candidates who have withdrawn endorsements or told Trump to step down as the nominee.

Brilliant move, morons.  If by some miracle, Trump won, he’d need that congressional majority to have a prayer of doing anything.

The torch has been passed. Steve Bannon is now running the Trump campaign. He’ll run it into the ground.

And we’ll be better off when it happens.


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