RNC Attorneys Looking At Options For Replacing Trump

It’s gotten so bad, the lawyers have been called in. With the video released yesterday and amid increasing calls for Trump to step down, the RNC has their lawyers looking into the legal ramifications of having Trump replaced as the GOP candidate:


The Republican National Committee is taking the weekend to reevaluate its strategy while lawyers examine the legal hurdles to replacing Donald Trump with another nominee, according to Republicans in touch with the committee.

On Friday night, RNC chair Reince Priebus told an aggrieved state party chair that he realized a public dumping of Trump by the party would sink the nominee’s remaining chances. He said the committee would take 48 hours to reevaluate its election strategy, according to a Republican operative briefed on the conversation.

The RNC saw the departure of two low-level field staffers in the states on Friday night and is expecting more, according to the operative.

Meanwhile, the RNC has lawyers examining the possibility of putting forth another nominee one month from Election Day, with ballots already printed and early voting in progress in some states, according to two other Republicans. “RNC has an army of lawyers right now looking at Rule 9 and ballot questions,” said one, a Republican strategist. The RNC’s Rule 9 pertains to filling vacant nominations.

But the lawyers have concluded that Trump would have to cooperate in any attempt to replace him, said another Republican in touch with the committee. “The fact remains that he can only be replaced if he quits or dies. And he’s declared today he’s not planning on doing either.”


That is the big hurdle. The only way anybody replaces Trump is if he chooses quit. 

And there just doesn’t seem to be the likelihood this happens unless there is a ton of pressure. Yes, a bunch of people have said Trump should step aside and let Mike Pence be the nominee.

If by some miracle, Trump did step aside, his name would still be on ballots in all the states across the country. It would become a situation where the electors would cast their votes for Mike Pence as President instead of Donald Trump. Making things even more weird, this wouldn’t happen until until the first Monday after the second Wednesday in December.

That means, if “Trump” won the election, the actual President would not be decided officially until December 19th.

All of this is the longest of long shots. For it to have the slightest chance of happening is if it starts with Mike Pence going to Trump and saying, “Withdraw or I’m out.”


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