Liberals Go Into Freakout Mode As AFL-CIO Embraces Oil Pipeline Project

The loud explosion you might have heard, has nothing to do with a terrorist attack and everything to do with heads of liberals collectively going, “BOOM!” When it comes to oil pipelines, the left is opposed. No questions asked. One of the reasons they claim the pipelines are not worth the effort is they don’t create jobs.


And then the AFL-CIO steps in to support such efforts because…

Bill McMorris at the Free Beacon has the details:

The AFL-CIO’s endorsement of a pipeline project expected to create thousands of infrastructure jobs has rankled liberals activists, including a member of AFL-CIO’s coalition.

AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka announced his support for the Dakota Access Pipeline, a proposed 1,200-mile project capable of transporting nearly 500,000 barrels of crude oil daily from North Dakota to Illinois. Trumka said that union workers and the region will benefit from the 4,500 jobs the project is expected to create and touted the safety and efficiency of pipeline transportation of crude oil.

“The AFL-CIO supports pipeline construction as part of a comprehensive energy policy that creates jobs, makes the United States more competitive and addresses the threat of climate change,” he said in a Friday release. “Pipelines are less costly, more reliable and less energy intensive than other forms of transporting fuels, and pipeline construction and maintenance provides quality jobs to tens of thousands of skilled workers.”

Several Native American and environmental groups oppose the project, and some labor activists say that the union should rescind its endorsement.


Of course they want them to rescind the endorsement. They already have jobs. 

“Hey! So what if there are people that would be able to feed their families if this pipeline is built! We need to beat the Republicans, man!”

I’m happy to sit back and watch the schadenfreude.



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