Watch Ted Cruz Blast Colin Kaepernick And President Obama For Defending Him (VIDEO)

Ted Cruz was at the airport and ran into TMZ who then decided to ask the Senator his opinion on Colin Kaepernick and his decision to not stand during the playing of the national anthem.


Cruz thought about it for a bit and then decided to go ahead and make his feelings known. Not only that, he launched a broadside against President Obama as well. Take a look:

“I gotta say, I was disappointed to see President Obama stand with Kaepernick and say, ‘that’s right, disrespect the flag,’” Cruz said. “That’s not the job of the president. The president should be standing up for America. The president should be encouraging every American to honor the flag that so many have bled and died for and to honor the freedom that it stands for.”

Cruz of course, didn’t hold back. He’s right, though. The President sounded like an idiot making it seem as if what Kaepernick is doing is important. It’s actually nothing more than a publicity stunt, since his career is circling the drain.


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