BREAKING: Trump Back's Off Deportation Immigration Plan; Ann Coulter Freaking Out?

So Donald Trump, who has built the bulk of his candidacy on being tough on illegal immigrants and gaining support from the largely white nationalist “alt-right” as well as creeps like David Duke, has basically thrown his tough as nails immigration nonsense out the window.


First, Ann Coulter was on Hardball the other day and was starting to go into freak-out mode somewhat over Trump’s apparent softening stance on immigration:

“I think this is a mistake. It sounds like it’s coming from consultants. I’ve thought he’s made other mistakes, and I’ve given him constructive criticism when I think he makes a mistake. I think this is a mistake.”

Well if she was torn up over that “mistake” wait until she sees what Donald Trump said to Sean Hannity in the Town Hall even Hannity hosted.

Phil Mattingly of CNN tweeted this: (Click for full size)



Do you know what that sounds an awful lot like to me? AMNESTY. Again, the way Trump supporters and hard-line immigration supporters define amnesty as anything that allows an illegal immigrant to stay in this country sans deportation. It has nothing at all to do with citizenship.

The hard core Trump supporters are going to try and tip toe around this but nobody should allow it to happen. People have been warning about this for some time. Those people (several of whom write for this publication) were completely ignored. Called “cucks.” Yelled at for not boarding “the Trump train.”


The chickens are coming home to roost.

The excuses are going to fall like manna from heaven among Trump supporters. It is going to be delicious to see what excuses they pull out of their hat now that their hero sounds a hell of a lot more like Marco Rubio on immigration than the guy who was promising giant walls and a “deportation force.”

Let the games begin.


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