BREAKING: Independent Poll Shows Paul Ryan CRUSHING Clown Candidate Paul Nehlen

Paul Nehlen is a Donald Trump “conservative.” He is going up against Speaker Paul Ryan next Tuesday in a primary race (if you want to call it a “race.”) and to be blunt, Paul Nehlen is a clown. He’s been running this absurd campaign in attempt to turn Paul Ryan into some kind of pariah and it’s excruciatingly awful.


Nehlen has issued silly challenges to Ryan to arm wrestle and has Knight Rider style ads featuring himself riding around on motorcycle through the Wisconsin countryside. The only thing missing is some guitarist on the side of the road playing a a long solo as he rides by.

Recently, Nehlen had this to say about Speaker Ryan as it relates to Donald Trump:

“I’d like to begin by briefly discussing Paul Ryan’s betrayal of the Republican nominee for Ryan’s own personal enrichment,” Nehlen said. “Speaker Ryan’s repeated betrayal of Donald Trump is an act of sabotage against our Party and an act of sabotage against our Republican electorate who selected Mr. Trump as our nominee.”

Yes, Nehlen is also a Trumpkin. Nehlen’s biggest fans in the media are over at Breitbart and they are hilariously claiming Ryan is “running scared” as he has refused to debate Nehlen. This is absurd. Ryan doesn’t need to debate his lessers and Nehlen is just that.

Besides, with these numbers, what is there for Ryan to be afraid of?

Paul Ryan leads his Republican primary challenger, Paul Nehlen, by 66 points five days ahead of the election. Ryan leads with 80% to 14% for Nehlen with 6% undecided.

Paul Ryan’s image in the district mirrors the ballot. Ryan is extremely popular in his district with a favorable rating of 80% compared to an unfavorable rating of just 14%. Nehlen, on the other hand, is viewed unfavorably by 47% of likely Republican primary voters and viewed favorably by just 16%.

The Republican nominee for President, Donald Trump, is somewhat popular in Wisconsin’s 1st Congressional District with 52% of Republicans viewing Trump favorably and 32% viewing him unfavorably.

“It is clear, according to the most recent data, that Paul Ryan will win by a wide margin on Tuesday. The numbers have moved in Ryan’s favor since we last surveyed this race, indicating likely Republican voters there do not appreciate the attacks on their Congressman,” said Titus Bond, Director of Remington Research Group.


Pretty soon we will all be wishing Paul Nehlen a fond farewall. His loss will likely land him a gig as a talk radio host or as a columnist at Breitbart where he can spout off in every column about the “globalist traitor” Paul Ryan.


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