BROMANCE: Trump Praised Putin's Denunciation Of The Phrase 'American Exceptionalism'

The man running on the platform of “Make America Great Again” agreed with Russian leader/thug Vladimir Putin when he penned an op-ed bashing President Obama for using the term “American exceptionalism.”


In 2013, during an appearance with Piers Morgan, Trump said Putin “really put it” to Obama over his use of the term. Here is the video of Trump speaking with Morgan:

Trump said:

“You think of the term as being fine, but all of sudden you say, what if you’re in Germany or Japan or any one of 100 different countries? You’re not going to like that term,” said Trump. “It’s very insulting and Putin really put it to him about that.”

Apparently back then, Trump was concerned about what other countries thought of the United States.

Trump went even further in an interview with Fox News:

“When he criticizes the president for using the term ‘American exceptionalism,’ if you’re in Russia, you don’t want to hear that America is exceptional,” Trump said on On the Record. “And if you’re in many other countries, whether it’s Germany or other places, you don’t want to hear about American exceptionalism because you think you’re exceptional. So I can see that being very insulting to the world.”

“And that’s basically what Putin was saying is that, you know, you use a term like ‘American exceptionalism,’ and frankly, the way our country is being treated right now by Russia and Syria and lots of other places and with all the mistakes we’ve made over the years, like Iraq and so many others, it’s sort of a hard term to use,” Trump added.

“Other nations and other countries don’t want hear about American exceptionalism. They’re insulted by it. And that’s what Putin was saying.”


This all comes back to Trump’s odd infatuation he has with the Russian leader. Trump has bent over backwards to be nice to Putin and why? Because he said some “very nice things” about Trump. Trump has been more critical of Khizr Khan than he has of Putin.

Does Trump not know others are watching this? As long as somebody is kissing his ass, Trump doesn’t seem to care what a person does or who they are. But God forbid, you criticize him. He’s going to come after you.

Now you have a guy who has run his campaign built entirely around the idea of bashing Mexico, bashing China and the embrace of nationalism, just three years ago agreed the term “American exceptionalism” is something that shouldn’t be said due to how it would make other countries feel.

Once again we are seeing that Donald Trump is a fraud.



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