Donald Trump Releases The Most Bizarre, Narcissistic Ad EVER

To say that Donald Trump is a narcissist is as obvious as saying it’s hot on the surface of the sun. But there are times when narcissism is taken to a whole new level and Donald Trump has achieved that.

One can only imagine the argument Trump had with Paul Manafort about this ad and who was the poor bastard sent to watch Trump’s speech again to get the numbers. It is impossible to explain so it is better that you just watch and marvel at what you will see:

Here is the direct link in case you cannot see it here

Are you kidding me? An ad. Bragging about APPLAUSE.

There is no way Manafort would green light an ad like this. This is something that Trump himself signed off on, I am sure of it. This is just another example of his condition. He doesn’t care how the speech was received in terms of CONTENT. All he cares is that there was X minutes of applause that consumed X% of time.

We have three and half more months of this garbage to look forward to.

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