Ted Cruz Had His Vito Corleone Moment; Trump And The RNC Hate It Didn't Backfire

The RNC and Donald Trump basically tried to set Ted Cruz up. They knew about his speech before he delivered it. They weren’t caught off guard. They were actually trying to set Cruz up.


And they failed. 

Sure there were people booing and yes there was smatterings of outrage from politicians, pundits and bloggers. Trumpkins, who were all about burning down the GOP were suddenly aghast Ted Cruz didn’t fall in line withe the party.

But many others, and not just those who are part of #NeverTrump were thrilled to see what Ted Cruz did. He didn’t fall in line. Marco Rubio, Paul Ryan and Scott Walker are all men I greatly respect. But they fell a few notches in my view. Do you know what they did?

They capitulated. Cruz did not. 

And there is a question that Trump people need to be asked: Since when is it so horrible that people are told to vote their conscience? That raises another question somebody on Twitter asked of Trump supporters in general:


It is a question they don’t want to face. It is why so many people. even those who don’t like Ted Cruz, applauded what he did. Millions of people see Donald Trump as the antithesis of conservatism. Trump never talks about the constitution. He never discusses liberty and freedom. He never discusses limited government. He speaks mostly as an authoritarian and as a person with zero knowledge of foreign affairs or an interest in discussing policy with any depth.

Ted Cruz exacted some measure of revenge last night. He was Vito Corleone and Trump was Don Ciccio lying low for months and then taking action in front of a prime time audience. Cruz was getting his revenge for the awful things Trump said about Heidi Cruz and for suggesting Rafael Cruz was involved in the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Donald Trump is not only an awful candidate, he’s a lousy person. I don’t care how much his kids talk about how wonderful he is. Trump has not just been critical of fellow Republicans and others. He has lied about them, smeared them and mocked them, not caring because it feeds his hordes of cult followers who are now sitting around wondering why everybody else won’t back their guy.


Ted Cruz’s speech served to tell millions and millions of conservatives and Republicans: We’re not giving up our party to a charlatan like Donald Trump. 

Does this hurt Ted Cruz in the future? Maybe. Does it matter? Hell no. The GOP is worth saving and it can be. Turning it over to Donald Trump would be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

Cruz saw to it last night that did not happen.




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