Trump The Crybaby: Candidates Who Don't Support Me Shouldn't Be Able To Run For Office


Have you ever been witness to a nearly 70 year old toddler? That’s Donald Trump, the presumptive GOP nominee. The man is an embarrassment. The latest episode is him having temper tantrum about other GOP presidential nominees who have thus far, refused to back him.

From The Hill:

“It was a rough campaign, and I wasn’t nice, but they weren’t nice either,” the presumptive GOP nominee said at a rally in Bangor, Maine.
“Honestly, you sign a pledge, you’re supposed to honor the pledge,” he continued.
Trump called them “really sore losers” and said they only signed the pledge so he would do so as well.
“They broke their word, and in my opinion, they shouldn’t be allowed to run for office again … because what they did is disgraceful.”
Seriously? They “weren’t nice?” What is this, courtesy class?

Here is a video clip:

The real problem however is, Trump once again is being hypocrite. Trump disavowed the pledge back in March:

When asked if he would keep the pledge he signed last September, Trump responded “No, I won’t.” The real estate mogul explained that he was taking back the pledge because, “I have been treated very unfairly,” and listed the Republican National Committee and party establishment among those he believes have wronged him.

This is typical of Trump. And most three year old kids. Trump is the bratty kid who hits the other kids, steals their candy and then wails uncontrollably when one of those other toddlers decides to hit back.

Trump disavowed the pledge. He can’t whine people are refusing to uphold it now.


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