Democrats Sit-In Is Nothing But A Fundraising Ploy

If you thought Democrats were engaging in their little sit-in as some kind of principled means of getting Republicans to vote on bills that will not pass (and even if they did would be dead regardless because of the failure in the Senate), think again.

This is a pointless exercise by the House Democrats. First of all, they’re not going to get the votes they want. The votes would be pointless as any bill sent over to the Senate would be DOA. Mitch McConnell would simply table the bills and they would merely die. Secondly. even if House Democrats did get the votes, the measures would not pass. They know this. They just want to be able to campaign on, “_______ voted to allow ISIS to get dangerous weapons!”

Put aside for a moment, the hilarity Democrats suddenly find ISIS to be such a threat to the safety of US citizens, and you’ll soon see the real reason they are engaging in this nonsense. What you have is a collection of Baby Boomers having one last gasp at being able to relive their golden years of the 60’s. “Yeah man! Right on! Power to the people, man!” 

John Lewis is part of this charade and because Lewis is a civil rights icon, people think he gets to do this thing without criticism. Nonsense. He’s acting like just as much of a fool as any of the other fools. Think it about for a moment: They are having a “sit-in” where they are legally allowed to be. 

The reality is, it’s all about raising money. I get emails from the DCCC and this is what my inbox looks like since yesterday:



You can see the 2 in parentheses for two of the emails. That means Gmail merely grouped them. This means the DCCC has sent (at least) eight fundraising emails since they started this charade. My guess is, they have a particular dollar amount they want to hit. Once they reach it, this ridiculousness will end.

We’ll see.