Paranoia Alert: Trump Campaign Staffers Think Trump Tower Offices Are Bugged


Are the pressures of trying to run an actual Presidential campaign starting to get to Trump’s people? Seems some of them are taking a page out of their bosses book. Trump, who regularly engages in conspiracy theories, is quite the role model for such absurdities.


From The NY Times:

A constant stream of changes and scuffles are unsettling Donald J. Trump’s campaign team, including the abrupt dismissal this week of his national political director.

A sense of paranoia is growing among his campaign staff members, including some who have told associates they believe that their Trump Tower offices in New York may be bugged, according to three people briefed on the conversations.

And there is confusion among his donors, who want to give money to a “super PAC” supporting Mr. Trump, but have received conflicting signals from top aides about which one to support.

Things are going great, no?

People often say, “Lead by example.” So when the presumptive nominee for President has a history of engaging in the worst kind of conspiracy theories, then it’s not out of the realm of possibility for people who work for him to start behaving the same way. This isn’t just one person who thinks their offices have been bugged This is three different people confirming it.

Further down the article, is an example that reveals the mindset Trump has:

Asked for comment about his management style, and the current state of his campaign, Mr. Trump declined, criticizing the reporters writing this article. “You two wouldn’t know how to write a good story about me if you tried — dream on,” Mr. Trump said in an email relayed by his spokeswoman, Hope Hicks.


Naturally, his supporters will love this. This is an example of him “fighting” the media. Actually, it’s nothing more than what Hillary is largely doing: Hiding from the media. Trump throws in an insult to as a scrap for his supporters but all he’s doing is avoiding the press, not “fighting” them.

There is one more portion of this piece, important to bring attention to:

“Candidate Trump needs to better understand that he is now the titular head of the G.O.P.,” said Scott W. Reed, senior political strategist for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. “His words and actions will have an impact on the over 6,000 G.O.P. candidates running for office — from federal races down to the courthouse.”

As Mr. Vernon said in ‘The Breakfast Club’, “This is the thought that wakes me in the middle of the night.”

That Donald Trump is the de facto “leader” of the GOP by virtue of his getting the GOP nomination, likely has just about every down ticket Republican biting their nails. For every crazy thing he says, every ignorant utterance that escapes his mouth will be used by Democrats to go after their GOP opponents down ticket.


Here’s the worst part. Those 6,000 candidates will be wary of distancing themselves from Trump because he’ll reward the Democrat by attacking the Republican because of the slight. We saw what happened with Susana Martinez. He felt slighted so he went out and (falsely) attacked her record. The great “unifier” is so insecure when one isn’t lavishly praising him (not how he refuses to be critical of Vladimir Putin because Putin “said some very nice things” about Trump), he’s attacking them. Even if they’re Republicans.

It’s no wonder his staff thinks their offices are bugged.


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