Stop Excusing Republicans Like Rubio For Supporting Trump Because Of A Stupid, Worthless Pledge


So Marco Rubio is the latest Republican to suddenly reverse course on Donald Trump the “con-man” and “fraud” and throw in for the GOP nominee. It’s pretty pathetic to watch especially after Rubio was part of the #NeverTrump crowd until he wasn’t.

The worst part is, watching Rubio supporters and others taking up for him based on that stupid effing pledge everybody keeps referencing, is making me see red. Stop it. Stop trying to make it an act of principle on his part.

“Oh he’s honoring his word and that should be respected!”


The pledge isn’t worth a square of used toilet paper. Trump disavowed the pledge back in March. It’s a joke. It means absolutely nothing. And for people to try and pin this on Marco Rubio (or any GOP candidate for that matter) as some kind of badge of honor makes them just as bad Trump supporters who excuse anything he says or does.

Others have said he is doing it in part because he needs to preserve his political future. With whom? Trump supporters? The ones that called him “pool boy?” The ones who floated rumors of him having affairs and being gay? That ones that laughed when Trump called him “Little Marco?”

Have they forgotten how committed Rubio was to #NeverTrump? Look at some of what he said about Trump on Twitter:


Did that mean nothing? If he’s doing this because he’s planning to enter the race for the Senate in Florida (the filing deadline is June 24) then he is selling out his supposed principles for his political desires.

I am good at separating politics from other areas of my life but I have seen friendships destroyed during this election cycle with people who drew a line in the sand with Trump as they stood with Senator Rubio and other candidates.

For them just do an about face and then point to some insignificant “pledge” as a basis for doing so is an insult to the intelligence of the people who backed them to the very end.

It is a move that creates the very cynicism that led to a person like Donald Trump swiping the GOP nomination. And to fans of Ted Cruz, I warn against getting smug about this. The likelihood Ted Cruz does the same thing at some point is pretty high.

There is no excuse for it.

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