Rust Belt Poll Of Middle Income Voters Show Trump In Deep Trouble


We know Donald Trump is about as popular with minorities and women as a flamboyant gay man is in Saudi Arabia. Recently, Trump’s approval numbers with married women — a usually very solid GOP voting bloc — was in the 70’s….on the negative side.

Where Trump is supposedly going to make his play is with middle class working white people. There have been pro-Trump dunderheads bloviating about Trump’s performance with those voters in the primary, completely ignoring or unwilling to fathom the the major difference between primary elections and general elections. How Trump did in those contests against Ted Cruz matters little in November.

From Bloomberg:

Donald Trump trails Hillary Clinton by 7 percentage points among middle-income voters in the Rust Belt, a key demographic he almost certainly needs to become president.

Likely voters with annual family incomes of $30,000 to $75,000 in Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin back Clinton over Trump, 46 percent to 39 percent, the latest Purple Slice online poll for Bloomberg Politics shows.

The findings should sound an alarm for Trump because they show he’s failing—at least so far—to dominate among the sort of voters thought to be more sympathetic to him. The poll also splashes cold water on suggestions that the real-estate developer and TV personality is well positioned to win in the Rust Belt.

The one portion of the poll shows that Trump and his Little Yellow Bus strategy of attacking fellow Republican, Susana Martinez might not be such a great idea:

The poll illustrates the racial divide playing out between Clinton and Trump. When only the white middle-income participants are considered, the billionaire beats Clinton 44 percent to 40 percent.

That’s behind where Republican Mitt Romney finished with white voters against Obama in the last election, when exit polls showed the former Massachusetts governor winning 59 percent of the white vote.

Doing great!

It is stunning that Hillary Clinton can be so unlikable and people have such negative opinions of her and she will still likely win.