Like A Drunk At A Bar: Donald Trump, With No Evidence, Claims EgyptAir Crash Is Terrorism


It is one thing for the average person to speculate on the cause of a plane crash. In this day and age, ruling out terrorism is silly especially when tracing stops a plane has made along the way. Again, we’re talking about the average person which means it’s the average nobody. Your neighbor is likely not reading your Twitter feed or is not your friend on Facebook (maybe they are but that’s besides the point).


That said, if you’re the presumptive GOP nominee to be President of The United States of America, then the rules are a little different. A potential President should measure his or her words carefully, wait for the facts and then make a statement.

However, when the presumptive GOP nominee has the calming influence of a Category 5 hurricane, it’s difficult to expect that’s the case. This morning (at around 6:30am), despite having no evidence (nobody is even sure where the plane crashed) whatsoever, Donald Trump decided it would be prudent to tweet this:

This is exactly what we need. A President who is no different from the drunk at the end of the bar who is happy to give you his opinions on a number of topics despite not having an invitation to do so.

I know what some people are thinking.

“Hey Jay, he could be right you know!”

Perhaps. And if he is, I am sure Trump will brag — like the drunk at the end of the bar — to anybody who will listen on how he called it and ask people for high fives. It is completely beside the point. In a situation such as this, Trump is behaving no differently from President Obama has behaved in the last 7.5 years.


How many times has President Obama, in the wake of an officer involved shooting of an African-American male, make a fool of himself by lambasting the cops before an investigation had even started? Or, how many times have we seen President Obama completely downplay the possibility of Islamic terrorism in the wake of a mass shooting, especially when those attacks are carried out in the United States?

I guarantee many Trump supporters were hitting the ceiling when Obama was doing this. Why should Trump be treated any differently? Because his viewpoint is not “politically correct?”

In the end, Trump could be right. But it doesn’t change the fact that as a President he shouldn’t be going off half-cocked like this. It’s irresponsible for a person that wants to be the leader of the free world to shoot his mouth off like some clown who’s had one too many.





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