This Anti-Trump Ad Is Brutal And This Is Just The Start


We are at the start of the general election campaign and Donald Trump has given Democrats in the last 10 months alone a crap ton of material to use against him. After what we have seen I cannot entirely discount a Trump win in the general but it is very unlikely.


Given that Trump never seems to be able to shut his mouth and has exhibited the kind of behavior that cries out for therapy (the threatened at one time to sue The Onion for defamation. The Onion.), it’s no wonder opposition researchers are loaded up with work.

Trump’s only potential saving grace is his opponent, Hillary Clinton, is disliked almost as much as he is.


Trump’s problem is that while he has high name recognition and people know who he is, people outside of New York City don’t know much about him outside of him being a reality television star. Now that people are getting a sense of who will be vying for the White House this summer and fall, they’re going to start paying a little more attention. The ad below is just a small taste of what we’re going to see from the Hillary campaign, Democrat Super PAC’s and left wing advocacy groups:


The worst part of this is, all the Republicans down ticket are going to be asked about all of this nonsense. Remember, a good portion of the mainstream media is invested in seeing HISTORY! be made with the election of Hillary Clinton. What better way than to constantly ask Senators and Congressmen fighting for re-election what they think of Donald Trump’s comments about flat chested women?

Buckle up, kids. It is going to be a long five months.




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