Trump And Hillary Are So Ridiculously Unpopular It Makes This Election A Dumpster Fire


I am not sure if we have ever seen an election where the two candidates (Let’s face it: It’s Trump and outside of a miracle that boosts Bernie Sanders, it will be Hillary) were so reviled by the general public but that is where we are in 2016.

This is going to be awesome. And by “awesome” I mean many of us would prefer to to be goose-stepped on by the entire North Korean military for a month.

The guys over at Five Thirty Eight really do a great job with all of the data that is available and here is what they’re saying:

The Democratic primary will technically march on, but Hillary Clinton is almost certainly going to be her party’s nominee. Same with Donald Trump. And voters don’t appear thrilled at the prospect: Clinton and Trump are both more strongly disliked than any nominee at this point in the past 10 presidential cycles.


The Democrats didn’t have much choice. Once Joe Biden said he was out, Hillary was in.

Republican voters however, could have gone with any number of better choices than Donald Trump but that is who they’re stuck with (not “we” as I am not voting for that stooge). The end result is an election that will be about as fun to watch as a colonoscopy.

Look at these graphics. This one represents their strongly unfavorable ratings (not just unfavorable):


Trump’s “strongly unfavorable” is over 50 freaking percent.

Here are the “strong favorability” ratings:


Isn’t this great?

Essentially this election is going to be about, “Who do I hate less?”

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