Watch Hillary Clinton Lie To The Face Of A Laid Off Coal Miner (VIDEO)

Hillary Clinton

It is stunning to see how easily it comes to Hillary Clinton to lie. There is no hesitation. Almost no “tell” like others have. She does it as easily as breathing.

Hillary Clinton, like so many other Democrats, thinks coal is evil. They brag about trying to put coal companies out of business.

Yet, in this video, Hillary Clinton is confronted by a laid off coal miner, Bo Copley. Watch as she lamely attempts to try and empathize with the man as he tells her how he wants to be able to support his family and then watch as she flat out lies to him. She claims it is out of context but a video snippet just at the end shows she is full of crap.

Out of context. Right.

She knew exactly what she was saying. She was finally confronted with the one of the working stiffs she doesn’t care about and just chose like a coward, to lie to the man.

If only the GOP voters were on the verge of nominating somebody who could call her out on those lies.

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