Own It: If Trump Is The Nominee And Loses, Trump Supporters Are To Blame Not #NeverTrump


I’ve about had it with Trump supporters. They’re happy to tell you Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Carly Fiorina and others just “weren’t good enough to win” and that any of their losses is completely their fault.


But when the talk shifts to the general election suddenly they’re all like, “We need to unite behind Trump you establishment, cuckservative pu**ies! If you don’t vote for Trump and Hillary wins, it is your fault!”

I’m calling bulls**t right now.

I am going to vote in the Presidential election. I am just not going to vote for Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton if they are the nominees. I will vote libertarian or I will write in a vote. Something. The choice is going to be mine and guess what? It is not an either/or proposition because there will be more people on the ballot than Trump or Clinton. And Hillary Clinton will likely win.

As who is to blame?

Trump supporters are to blame. 

You wanted to have your temper tantrum about the dreaded establishment and ignore much better qualified candidates that would have been able to beat Hillary and now you’re going to try and blame me and others who won’t vote for that fraud? Get stuck, chumps.

You decided to back a guy with negatives that would make serial killers cringe. You decided to throw your support behind a carnival barker that doesn’t know a damned thing about trade or foreign policy. You decided a guy who has never once mentioned liberty or the constitution on the campaign trail is the best candidate to face off against Hillary Clinton. You’re backing a guy that flirted with 9/11 truthers and who accused Ted Cruz’s father of being involved in the effing Kennedy assassination.


Look at this video. It’s 29 seconds. This is your average Trump supporter and he appears to have the intelligence and wisdom of a piece of gum that’s been baking on a NYC street in the August sun.

“Where’s your Goldman Sachs jacket at? We know your wife works there.”

Sick burn, Cooter. 

Sorry Trump supporters. You don’t get to lay down the results of your bad decisions at our feet. If Trump is the nominee and he loses, you’re to blame.

Because you made it happen. You made your decision. You live with your decision.


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