Lt. General Mark Hertling: Trump Foreign Policy Speech Painful To Watch (VIDEO)


Watching Morning Joe today, you’d get the sense the crew was trying so very hard to make Donald Trump’s foreign policy speech a success. They trotted out quotes from some mainstream Republican people and suddenly, Donald Trump was a foreign policy guru.

“Look, John Bolton!”

“Look, Bob Corker!”

“Look, Grover Norquist!”

It was pretty pathetic. No, ket’s go with somebody that actually really gets into this (and not people like Corker who absolutely hate Ted Cruz).

Here is Lt. General Mark Hertling’s comments:

Howard Dean on Morning Joe actually made a very good point (miracles do happen) saying that if Donald Trump was to sit down and be questioned about his speech, he wouldn’t be able ton discuss the subjects with any degree of intelligence.

Hard to argue that case. 

Particularly when Steve Schmidt on Morning Joe said, “Trump is beginning to lay out a coherent message.”

That’s great. I mean, it’s only April of 2016. Good to see Trump is finally making his move.

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