Trump Is So Awful He LOSES A Demo By 12 Points That Mitt WON By 7 In 2012

When does this nightmare end? Donald Trump has become such a cancer that he’s actually managed to turn a solid Republican demographic into one that will overwhelmingly favor Hillary Clinton if he is the nominee.


The women vote is always talked about. For the most part, women favor Democrats. When digging deeper, the numbers sort out differently showing single women strongly go for Democrats while married women tend to vote Republican. In almost any general Presidential election, Republicans could rely on married women voters to support the Republican nominee.

Enter Donald J. Trump. 

He’s taking a solid Republican demographic and causing them to flock to Hillary Clinton! First, look at Trump’s approval among married women (click for full size):


Seventy percent disapprove.

Here is the part that is even worse. Look at this chart:



Trump loses to Hillary by 12 points among married women. Mitt Romney beat Barack Obama among married women in 2012 by 7 points. 

Donald Trump manages a NINETEEN point swing among married women. That’s how awful Trump is.

Say it loud and say it proud: “I support Donald Trump because I want Hillary Clinton to be elected President.” 



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