Cruz Birther Lawsuit Reaches SCOTUS; Will Likely Fail The To Dismay Of Trump Supporters


If there is one (perhaps two) stupid thing that has risen above all else in this crazy primary season, it’s been the birther accusations leveled against both Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio. Since Cruz is still standing, he’s the one dealing with the nonsense.

It was Donald Trump, despite his lame protestations, who started the birther nonsense about Ted Cruz back in January. Here are several of his tweets about the subject:


Sure enough, many of supporters decided to go full idiot and began making the claim Cruz was not eligible to run for President. Lawsuits have been filed and it appears that this craziness will finally be settled by the Supreme Court:

What is apparently the first lawsuit to reach the U.S. Supreme Court challenging Ted Cruz’s eligibility to run for president has now been filed. But it’s not likely to go anywhere.

A retired Utah lawyer, Walter Wagner, claims that Cruz does not meet the Constitution’s requirement that a president must be a “natural born” citizen. Cruz was born in Canada, and Wager contends that fails the natural born test.

Many courts agree that Wagner has to show some kind of “harm” would come from Cruz being elected President and the courts thus far, have sided against Wagner:

In mid-March, Wagner’s case crashed shortly after takeoff for the reason other lawsuits asserting the same claim have failed. He could not meet the test for showing why the candidacy would cause him any particular harm.

Wagner said he had “a vested interest in insuring that all candidates for the position of president are legally qualified.” Somebody has to step forward, he said, so it might as well be him.

But federal courts require that those seeking relief must show that they would suffer an injury that’s concrete and particular to them. Suing simply on the basis of being a citizen and a taxpayer isn’t enough.

“Nowhere does Mr. Wagner allege how he will be injured in a personal and individual way,” said US District Court Judge Jill N. Parrish.

Here’s hoping this will be one less thing for Cruz to worry about and one more thing for Trump to whine about.

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