To Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz: If You Support Trump, What You've Said About Him Means Nothing


A time to take a stand has come. Donald Trump is a menace. Not only to the Republican Party but also to the country. I was critical of the rhetoric Trump has been using and yesterday in Chicago, it culminated in an ugliness that will continue if Trump gets the nomination and God forbid, the White House.


People jumped on me saying we’ve seen this for the last 7.5 years with President Obama. And they’re right. Donald Trump is another version of President Obama. Trump is just hitting a different vein to get the results he wants. They both have the same vision but President Obama uses perpetual motion like the cop that avoids red lights and takes a different route to the scene of the crime. Trump is like the cop who lights it up, blares the siren and plows through the red lights at intersections to get there.

Whatever route is taken, the end result is ugly and the time has come for the remaining GOP candidates, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and John Kasich to take a stand against Donald Trump. That stand must come in the form of publicly stating they will not support him if he is the nominee. Nearly two years ago, I wrote, “Conservatives: It’s Past Time To Tell Donald Trump To Get Lost.” I said:

There is no nice way to say this: Donald Trump is a clown. He’s a charlatan who cares about one thing, and one thing only: Donald Trump.

Republicans and conservatives should be embarrassed that he pretends to be one of them. They should be more embarrassed that they continue to invite him to speak at national events.


At the end of it I wrote that I had no fears of him winning the GOP nomination in 2016.

Look where we are. 

Marco Rubio has been the best at getting under Donald Trump’s skin, revealing to many people for the first time what a vindictive, petty little man he is. Rubio was the first one to really bring light to Trump the con-man. He told everybody about Trump University and how Trump used political clout and his resources to step all over the “little guy” Trump has sworn to protect. He says electing Donald Trump would be a disaster.

Ted Cruz has exposed Donald Trump as the “wannabe” conservative who for years has done nothing but support liberals, liberal causes and liberal politicians. Cruz has said that electing Donald Trump wouldn’t be much different than electing Hillary Clinton.

I won’t address John Kasich here other than to say he’s perfectly willing sit on the sidelines like a coward, reaping any of the benefits from the work Rubio and Cruz have been doing to expose Trump. But he has a chance to redeem himself.

Senators Rubio and Cruz cannot make the case Donald Trump is a con-man and a liberal in sheep’s clothing if they say what they have said about him but then say, “Oh yeah, if he’s the nominee, I’ll support him.” It defies credibility.


The time has come to stand strong. To say to Donald Trump, other Republicans and particularly, GOP Chairman Reince Priebus one word:


They have a chance at this point to say:

“If Donald Trump wins the nomination, we will not support his candidacy. He is not representative of what the Republican Party is nor what conservatism is and what it stands for. We reject his ideas, his rhetoric and we stand with the nearly 2/3 of Republican voters who have not chosen to cast a ballot for him.”

Ben Sasse did it. Right now, there is nobody in the Republican Party I admire more.

Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz — and even you, Kasich, you up to now useless tool — the time has come to stand with Ben Sasse and millions of other Republicans and conservatives and say “No” to Donald Trump.


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