Disgraceful: World War II Vet Has This Experience At VA Emergency Room


Remember that time when Barack Obama took credit for cleaning up the issues with VA during the State of The Union? Good times, right? Those of us without brain damage were naturally surprised the President would make such a claim. Then again, if there is one thing the President hasn’t been accused of lacking, it’s hubris.


The VA is still a mess and it’s disgusting. I have first hand experience with the VA (my father was a patient) and I can tell you the bureaucracy is almost criminal. I always had good experiences with the doctors at the VA. The nurses (not all but many) and administrators were another issue. Everything required some kind of wait and nothing could be taken care of that day. Trying to get hold of a person who could make an administrative decision after 4pm on weekdays was a joke. Offices and desks would clear out like the zombie apocalypse was upon us. And on the weekends? Good luck with that. Aside from essential staff, VA hospitals on weekends look like Wally World during repairs.

So while it doesn’t come as any surprise to me this happened, it still has me wanting to hit somebody. This should not happen:

“It’ll go away. I shouldn’t be talking this much,” World War II Army veteran Glenn Diller said as he struggled to breathe. But he wanted to tell his story.

“They didn’t really seem interested in my particular case,” he said of his visit last week to the Phoenix VA Emergency Department.

The 89-year-old has lived through more than a dozen wars and says he has never seen anything quite like the lack of care he experienced that day.

“They were more concerned about what was going on in their own reception room,” he said.



Twelve freaking hours.

Obama has taken credit for “fixing” the problems with the VA and nothing has changed.


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