Trump Takes Valid Criticism Of Obama And Ruins It By Tweeting This


President Obama had no valid excuse for not attending Supreme Justice Antonin Scalia’s funeral today. The reason given by Josh Earnest is the President’s “security footprint” would have been too much and so they sent Joe Biden instead. Biden would be a valid substitute for other government officials, but Scalia was a Supreme Court justice for 30 years. Was President Obama not showing up, a political move? Who knows? Even if it was not, it appears as though it was. One cannot imagine he wouldn’t have attended the funeral of Ruth Bader Ginsberg.


Then along comes that idiot, Donald Trump who suffers from a chronic case of foot in mouth disease. He decides to get out on Twitter and say:

Bye bye valid criticism. Hello more coverage of Donald Trump saying something stupid. His supporters won’t care of course. In fact, I am sure many of them are saying, “But he’s right!” Does that matter? The bottom line is, President Obama was not getting the best press coverage for skipping the funeral despite the fact that Scalia was held in such high regard, even by those who disagree with him.

Trump just took that coverage and put it squarely on himself.

Because it is always about him.


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