Watch This Ridiculous Reason Hillary Clinton Gives For Saying She Is Not The Establishment (VIDEO)


Hillary Clinton is the ultimate Washington DC insider. She has been there for over 20 years. She was a first lady. Then she was a Senator. Then she ran for President. Then she was a lousy secretary of state. Then she went and made tens of millions of dollars giving speeches thanks in large part to her status as a DC insider.


She’s a lousy candidate and therefore she is going to break out the “I am woman” card whenever she can. Her only path to the White House is deploy the “First woman President” strategy whenever she can.

During the latest Democrat debate, Bernie Sanders was making the case, Hillary Clinton was he epitome of the Washington DC establishment. Hillary’s reaction was head scratching to say the least:

So despite the fact she has been in Washington DC for so long she no longer knows how to drive, she’s not part of the establishment because….she’s a woman.

A much better retort would have been to say, “Senator Sanders, you’ve been in Washington DC longer than I have. Sounds pretty establishment to me.”

But she didn’t, because she has pretty terrible political instincts. This won’t hurt her among her sycophant supporters. But it will look somewhat ridiculous to others who will laugh that the idea biology determines DC insider status.



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