Hillary On Alert: Bernie Sanders Did In 24 Hours What She Could Not


Hillary Clinton will likely be the Democrat nominee for President. But she is still proving what a horrendous candidate she is. Having a once insurmountable lead, she finds herself locked in an early tough battle with a 74 year old socialist from Vermont. She led Iowa in the polls by 30 points yet basically left the state in a virtual tie with Sanders.


The old coot (him not her) is going to win by a landslide in New Hampshire next week and suddenly, South Carolina is not looking like the lock it once was. Now comes even more bad news for Hillary:

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders’ campaign has reportedly raised $3 million since Monday night’s Iowa caucuses.

Sanders communications director Michael Briggs told The Washington Post that “it’s been our best day ever.”

Sanders finished behind rival Hillary Clinton by a razor-thin margin of 0.2 points in the Iowa caucuses Monday night. Clinton had 49.8 percent and Sanders took 49.6 percent.

Most of the money raised by Sanders is in the form of small online contributions, averaging about $27 each.

Sanders’ campaign announced Sunday that it raised $20 million in January.

Despite the fact it troubles me so many people are supporting Sanders and his kooky ideas, I do have to admit that I’m very much enjoying the schadenfreude. Hillary was so arrogant of her chances at one point she refused to answer a question about the Keystone pipeline she said, “When I become President, I will answer that.”


Become President. As though it was going to be handed to her. Now she’s locked in a battle she never thought would happen.

Get your popcorn ready.




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