Andrea Tantaros Talks "The Establishment" With Rich Lowry And Then Says This


Andrea Tantaros has been on a tear lately. And not a good one. Her support for Donald Trump has turned her into a quasi-Ann Coulter without the flair. If she’s not making absurd comments about George P. Bush’s military service, she’s claiming men want to vote for Trump because they see it as a way to “get their masculinity back.”


The irony is strong with that last statement considering Trump spends a good deal of time sitting around whining how “unfair” some media outlet is treating him. That isn’t very masculine to me.

Today however, she was in a discussion with Rich Lowry on Fox News ‘Outnumbered’ when she mentioned the dreaded “establishment.” Lowry challenged her on what the establishment means. She gave a half-handed answer but then listen to what she says:

You heard that right. She said, “We want a nationalist.” 

When you consider for a moment Tantaros has on her Instagram profile, “Passionate Greek”, one has to wonder why she’s a fan of nationalism. Either she really doesn’t know what the word means or she’s in favor of that kind of politics which is pretty scary.




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