Hillary To Jake Tapper: I'm Too Busy Campaigning To See '13 Hours.' (VIDEO)


Could this lady be any more tone deaf? Contrary to what her lackey, David Brock, over at Media Matters thinks, the issue of Benghazi is not going away. It’s bad enough she has accused the families of the victims of being liars but now she’s going to try and have us believe she’s “too busy” for a two hour movie?


Watch the clip. It’s 47 seconds. Watch the whole thing because she says something truly infuriating:

Did you catch that? She’s asked about the movie and she has to throw in a reference to her eleven hours of testimony. Unreal.

Here is the other thing to keep in mind. She is “too busy” to see this movie but she has more than enough time for:

  • Appearing on the Jimmy Fallon show
  • Appearing on the Ellen DeGeneres show
  • Appearing on Lifetime to be interviewed by You Tube “stars”

This is part of why she is such an awful campaigner and why I hope the GOP doesn’t throw away the golden opportunity they have to send Hillary packing for the final time. A smart response would be something like, “I haven’t seen it yet but I am interested in doing so because I want to see the story from the perspective of those brave contractors.”

Instead, like the narcissist she is, she makes it about herself. 



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