Cruz Releases Video Of Trump Talking New York Values And Partial Birth Abortion Support


Ted Cruz has taken more heat for his comments about “New York values” than he has anything else he has said since he was elected in 2012. Naturally, since most of the mainstream media is based out of New York, it has been high horse riding time as so many have gotten their panties in a wad over the comments. Ironically, they take more offense at what Cruz said than in Donald Trump’s blatant birtherism. Being a birther is cool now that it’s not Barack Obama who is the subject of Trump’s comments.


Unfortunately for Trump, who deftly (but at the same time shamelessly) evoked 9/11 as a means of responding to Ted Cruz’s comments, he cannot escape the very things he has said over the course of the last 15 years. Trump, as I have said on prior occasions is a charlatan. He is not a conservative at all. He is not now and never has been one. Outside of immigration (which is far more based on phony populism than policy), his views on taxes, healthcare, foreign policy and trade carry all the hallmarks of a progressive Democrat.

With Trump swinging, Ted Cruz has punched back, and resurrected an interview Donald Trump did in 1999 with Tim Russert on Meet The Press. I know Trump supporters are going to say, “Oh cmon! That’s from 1999! He’s changed!” The problem is, he only says he has “changed” and only in the last few years. He has no record to prove that he has changed.

This video was made when Trump was seeking the nomination of the The Reform Party. Incidentally it was at a time when he said the GOP was “too crazy right.”

The support for partial birth abortion was a nice touch.

So what is Donald Trump doing now? Attacking Ted Cruz on the birther front. Do you know who else is on Donald Trump’s side? Ultra left wing Florida Congressman, Alan Grayson, who said he will file a lawsuit to keep Cruz from seeking the nomination. People shouldn’t be suckered into believing Trump’s “I didn’t bring it up” nonsense. He most certainly did. Trump is a lot of things, but he’s not stupid. He knew the media wouldn’t think twice about investigating birther claims against a conservative Republican. Why else would be bring it up?


He’s also attacking Cruz (falsely) for saying he did not personally disclose loans from Goldman Sach’s and Citibank to help fund his 2012 Senate campaign, but he has. It was the FEC form that was not filled out. That said, if Cruz was hell bent on nefariously hiding where he received the money to fund his Senate campaign, he wouldn’t have disclosed it all. It’s a silly kind of attack that Democrats would use.

Like Donald Trump.


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