Right To Rise Releases One Of The Worst Political Ads Ever Made (VIDEO)


If there is any doubt that old many of the old school political consultants are out of touch with how  to run modern campaigns, they will be put to rest after seeing this new ad from Right To Rise. Right To Rise is the SuperPac that supports Jeb Bush. It is run by long time political consultant Mike Murphy.


If some good is to come from Jeb’s spectacular fail as a Presidential candidate, it will be the lessons learned from handing Mike Murphy the reins to an organization that took over a hundred million dollars and then proceeded to waste so much of those millions on pathetic advertising campaigns.

Not content to purchase a billboard ad that was ripe for Photoshop mockery, Murphy thought it would be a good idea to make an ad based upon the ginned up controversy over Marco Rubio’s footwear. What follows is perhaps that worst political ad ever created in the history of US elections. Watch:

Just think about it for a moment.

There was a team of people sitting around and one of them said, “Hey! Why don’t we use Nancy Sinatra’s ‘These Boots Are Made For Walking’ and turn it into an ad about Rubio flip flopping?”


Mike Murphy: “Oh my God! That is absolutely brilliant!”

Paul Lindsay: “That is GOLD, Mike! Just gold!” 

I saw this ad on Morning Joe today and felt the immediate urge to throw my couch at my television. Yes it is that bad. I don’t know how much Mike Murphy is making at Right To Rise but I’m sure donors aren’t happy with him basically taking their millions and lighting it on fire.


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