Trump Supporters Love Satirical Song Mocking His Presidential Run (VIDEO)


Parody in politics is a given. It will happen and most politicians actually enjoy it. When Presidents (even Presidential candidates) become fodder for Saturday Night Live bits, it brings them a new level of attention. Most of the time it is not flattering but it’s fun.


Of course, most times people know when parody is parody.

Enter some Donald Trump supporters. 

The people at the conservative group, Public Integrity Alliance, are not fans of Donald Trump. So for fun, they created a song and music video that openly mocks Donald Trump. 

The video features Phoenix comedian Brian Nissen’s reprising his running, redneck character “Dwain,” a mullet-headed simpleton who loves corndogs, Karate, pickup trucks, sittin’ out in the yard on a beat-up couch, and, of course, Trump, because he’s not afraid to say the things that ordinary idiots like Dwain think and want their leaders to regurgitate.

Whether it’s suggesting President Obama’s a Muslim and may not be a natural-born citizen, or using the word “schlonged,” or proposing a ban on Muslims entering the United States, around 35 percent of Republicans are dumb enough to swallow Trump’s wacky batter, enough to put him in the catbird seat in the GOP primary, for now.


It’s so obvious the video in question is meant to mock Donald Trump. But PIA founder and president Tyler Montague says not so fast:

Montague claims the video is aimed at intelligent, well-informed voters. But he admits that some of Trump’s supporters are so dumb they don’t know they are being dissed.

“I’ve noticed that some of the Trump fans loved it,” he explains of the video. “They’re like, `Yeah, this is everything Trump is about, this is dead on.’ We’re like, `You’re kidding us, right?'”

Take a look. It’s actually pretty funny:

Happy New Year!

Thanks to Independent Journal who has more positive feedback about the song.


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