Greg Gutfeld Unloads After Geraldo Rivera Defends Hillary's Benghazi Video Lie (VIDEO)


Things got a little heated today on the Fox News Channel’s ‘The Five’ when Geraldo Rivera was attempting to defend Hillary Clinton and her constant lies about Benghazi and Greg Gutfeld was having none of it. Hillary was at it again last Sunday in a show of chutzpah that would impress Donald Trump, she sat there, watching family members say she told them the cause of the attack on the consulate was due to a video and proceeded to tell George Stephanopoulos she did no such thing. Geraldo then tried to make the case the video did have a part to play and that’s when Greg lost it:


Even Dana Perino seems to be caught off guard, amused but also taken aback a little by Greg’s outburst. It’s not hard to blame him. For the last three years, the American people have been told lie after lie after lie about Benghazi by Hillary Clinton. There are families of loved ones who want closure and they cannot get it because Hillary, like her husband Bill, has this insatiable need (That’s one of Bill’s insatiable needs anyway) to lie rather than admit to any wrongdoing.

But what difference at this point, does it make, right?


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