Hillary Supporters Agree With Her Tax Plan, Except It's Actually Trump's (VIDEO)


You have likely heard the term “low information voter.” It’s attributed to people who support politicians without actually knowing what is they stand for. Often, it really doesn’t matter. They have a candidate they support and that’s it. They don’t take time to see what the candidate stands for or what policies they support or have proposed. For many it is an eye opener. But there are some people who make assumptions and could be persuadable given the correct information.


The following is several months old, but it is still hilarious (in a sad way). Jimmy Kimmel sent somebody out to find Hillary supporters and provided details of her tax plan and if they agreed with it. The best part is, the tax plan is not hers. It’s Donald Trump’s plan:

As I said, this is funny but it’s also rather pathetic. This is not confusion on a minor issue. Cutting the corporate tax rate from 35% to 15% is pretty damned bold and there is no way in hell Hillary Clinton would support such a proposal.

This is a reminder of why it is important to never assume somebody knows as much as another person who follows politics closely. Assume people don’t know the particulars and talk to them about it. You could change somebody’s mind.


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